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12 -14 September 2024

Marina Bay Sands,Singapore

Resilience in Franchising: Evolve to Thrive


Amidst the rapid pace of technological progress, ever-changing consumer tastes, and the unpredictable nature of markets, the importance of resilience in the franchising sector has never been more pronounced. At our conference, "Resilience in Franchising: Evolve to Thrive," we will delve into the core principles of resilience. We will reveal strategies tailored for franchisors and franchisees, not only to withstand challenges but to prosper in their midst. Through dynamic discussions, hands-on workshops, and insightful case studies, participants will gain practical insights into adapting, evolving, and ultimately thriving despite adversity.

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Standard Conference Ticket


þ 3-day access to exhibition

þ All-day access to Conference sessions on 17 and 18 Aug, with complimentary refreshments provided

Workshop Ticket


þ 3-day access to exhibition

þ All-day access to Workshop Sessions on 19 Aug, with complimentary refreshments provided

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þ 3-day access to exhibition

þ All-day access to Conference and Workshop Sessions from 17 to 19 Aug, with complimentary refreshments provided

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Speakers at FLAsia 2024

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Conference Agenda

Conference Programme – Day 1

Time (GMT+8) 

12 September 2024, Thursday

1000 - 1005 

Arrival of GOH

1005 - 1015 

Hosting of GOH and VVIPs @ VIP Lounge



Opening Ceremony

1015 - 1020 

Opening Remarks

1020 - 1030

Minister’s Welcome Address 

1030 - 1050

MOU Signings and other activities  

1100 – 1145

Panel Discussion - Sharing Franchise Success Stories: Why You Should Join the Journey

Join us in this panel where successful franchisees share their stories and why they believe becoming a franchisee is worth it. Hear firsthand about the benefits and rewards of being part of a franchise system and learn why taking this path might be right for you. Whether it’s the freedom to be your own boss or the potential for financial success, our panellists will highlight what makes franchising a fulfilling and profitable venture. Gain insights into their experiences, challenges they faced, and how they overcame them to achieve success. By the end of the discussion, you'll be inspired and informed about the possibilities that await you as a franchisee.



  • Wendy Foo, Managing Director, Ryan's Grocery


  • Eugenio Palmieri, Co-Owner & Director, Anytime Fitness Singapore and Philippines 
  • Chee Chin Young, Founding Principal, Fun Learners’ School
  • Nallakaruppan, Franchisee, 7-eleven



1145- 1230


1230 - 1330

Lunch Break 

1330 1415

Panel Discussion - The Tech Advantage: Why You Should Choose a Tech-Driven Franchise

Franchising, a dynamic interplay of innovation and growth, is undergoing a profound transformation fuelled by automation. In a landscape where some legacy brands cling to traditional methods, global leaders are compelled to explore unconventional strategies to secure a distinctive future in franchising. Going beyond the obvious and presenting insights that can propel your franchise into uncharted territories, leaving competitors trailing in the wake of automation, join us to uncover the reasons why tech-driven franchises are the smart choice for aspiring franchisees. This session will reveal how embracing technology can significantly boost your chances of success in the franchise world. Discover the unique benefits that tech-forward businesses offer, such as higher profits, easier expansion, and a competitive edge in the market.     


  • Oliver Tian, Founder and Director, Oliver Tian Associates and Vice-Chair of International Alliance of Robotic Association 


  • Xiao Saunders, Founder, Xiao Saunders Consultation 

  • Jeremy Choong, Co-founder & Chief Scientist, Jayvoxx Holdings

  • Keith Tan, CEO & Founder, Crown Digital 

1415 - 1500

Panel Discussion - Why should we care about ESG and Sustainability in Franchising?

Considering franchise investment? Discover why Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors are vital for sustainability. Understand how they directly benefit you, align with your values, and ensure long-term success for your franchise. Explore strategies for economic growth while fostering positive change. Don't miss this opportunity to make informed decisions about your franchise's future. 

1500 - 1545

Panel Discussion - The Power of Brand Licensing: How Strategic Collaboration Can Help Scale Your Business  

This panel discussion explores innovative licensing models and brand collaborations unlocking growth potentials in an ever-changing and competitive market.   

  • Expanding brand reach and revenue streams through merchandise licensing  
  • Drive growth and competitiveness through product licensing partnerships 


  • John Ong, Executive Chairman, FT Consulting



  • Ben Ang, CEO, XM Studios  

  • Winston Chan, Board Director, IPOS International and Chief Executive Officer, FT Consulting

1545 - 1630

Panel Discussion - Strategies for Enhancing Your Franchise's Online Presence

Discover the keys to enhancing your franchise's online visibility in this panel discussion. Learn valuable insights into utilizing social media platforms and optimizing SEO strategies. Whether you're a newcomer to the franchise world or seeking to refine your digital approach, this session will provide you with practical advice and a step-by-step plan to elevate your franchise's online presence. Don't miss this chance to take your digital marketing efforts to the next level!


  • Raine Anastasia Chin, Trainer & Lecturer, Singapore Polytechnic


  • Nisa Suhaimy, Associate Director & Head of Social, WE Communications
  • Jim Giam, CEO, Firstcom Academy
  • Jeffrey Lim, Deputy CEO, Liao Fan Hawker Chan (Global) Pte. Ltd.



1630 - 1635

Closing Remarks 

1700 - 1800

Networking Session 

Conference Programme – Day 2

Time (GMT+8)

13 September 2024, Friday

1100 - 1105

Opening Remarks

1105 – 1135

Saving Money: How Franchise Owners and Franchisees Can Spend Less and Still Succeed

Join our session to learn smart ways to finance your franchise while minimizing expenses. We'll explore alternative funding options, effective marketing strategies, and cost-saving solutions for operational expenses, labor costs, occupancy, technology, travel, and insurance. Discover how franchise owners and franchisees can work together to find financial solutions that make sense for your business and achieve success while spending less.


  • Candice Cheng, National Director, Expense Reduction


1135 - 1235


1235 - 1400

Lunch Break

1400 1500

30 mins each

Attendees can only select 2 countries

Roundtable Discussions - Franchising in Southeast Asia: Navigating Opportunities and Challenges 

Roundtable 1 - Franchising in Malaysia:

  • Facilitated by Datuk Dr Radzali Hassan, Chairman, Malaysia Franchise Association, Malaysia

Roundtable 2 - Franchising in Indonesia:

  • Facilitated by Susanty Widjaya, Chairwoman, Indonesia Franchising Association (ASENSI) 

Roundtable 3 - Franchising in Thailand:

  • Facilitated by Sethaphong Phadungpisuth(Seth), Founder & Managing Director, Gnosis, Thailand

Roundtable 4 - Franchising in Vietnam

  • Facilitated by Nguyen Phi Van, Chairwoman, Vietnam Franchising & Licensing Network, Vietnam 

Join our roundtable sessions to explore the ins and outs of franchising in Southeast Asia. Our expert panels will share valuable insights and practical advice on how to succeed in this dynamic region.

  • Learn from experienced franchisees and industry experts

  • Understand local market conditions, consumer preferences, and regulatory environments

  • Discover strategies for adapting your business model to local conditions

  • Network with potential partners, suppliers, and like-minded entrepreneurs

Key Questions to be Addressed:

  • What are the essential considerations for successfully launching a franchise in a new Southeast Asian market?

  • How can I tailor my business model to thrive in local markets and meet consumer demands?

  • What marketing strategies will effectively reach and engage local customers, building a strong brand presence?

  • How can I navigate complex local regulations and ensure compliance in each market?

  • What are the benefits and potential challenges of partnering with local franchisees or suppliers, and how can I mitigate risks?

  • How can I maintain consistency and quality control across multiple locations, ensuring a uniform customer experience?

  • What are the latest franchising trends and innovations in Southeast Asia, and how can I leverage them for success?

  • How can I measure the performance and success of my franchise in a new market, and what key performance indicators should I track?

Don't miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the franchising landscape in Southeast Asia and connect with the people who can help you succeed!



1500 - 1505





Closing Remarks





Workshops and Clinics – Day 3

Time (GMT+8)

14 September 2024, Saturday



1030 - 1230



Workshop : Building Your Franchise Success Code

Key Takeaways:

1.Practical franchise simulation for hands-on experience in acquiring franchises.

2.Understanding your own investment profile.

3.Understanding success drivers for franchisors and franchisees.

4.Effective use of objective and subjective factors in franchise selection to save time and money.

5.Use tried and tested Decision Matrix to filter your franchise options.

6.Gain insights to avoid unnecessary pain, financial setbacks, and wasted time in franchising.

Join us for a fun and informative workshop on how to build your successful franchise portfolio. Do not miss this opportunity to engage with Franchisors to practice your new skills!


In  workshop, you will gain insights into the crucial factors that contribute to franchise selection, enabling you to make informed decisions that can save you valuable time, money, and potential pitfalls. Utilizing a reliable blend of objective and subjective criteria, we will present a tried and tested, down to earth, gut meets logic methodology of filtering franchise options to help franchisees zoom in on what really counts when selecting the best franchise fit. Use this Franchisee Success code as the litmus test of how to select the best franchise opportunity that fits your investment profile.

Led by Hsien Naidu, CFE, and her team of Game Masters, this workshop promises to be both informative and enjoyable. It caters not only to potential franchisees seeking practical experience in building a franchise portfolio but also welcomes franchisors interested in gaining valuable insights.